Solar panel cleaning Throughout Ballina, Byron Bay And Surrounding Areas


As you know, solar panels rely on capturing sunlight to generate electricity, with the amount of electricity you generate depending largely on how much sunlight your solar panels have absorbed. The more sunlight that they capture, the more power you generate. Solar panels are very exposed and will accumulate dirt, dust, mould and other debris over time, all of which can prevent sunlight from getting to your solar panels. This will affect the amount of energy your solar panels can generate, sometimes to a large degree. That’s why Reach ‘N’ Clean offers full solar panel cleaning services to remove this build-up and get your panels working like new again.

In fact, research and studies have estimated that when solar panels are cleaned on a regular basis, they can operate up to 25% more efficiently. That is 25% more power generated for your use! If you are looking to power most, or even all, of your home using panels, solar panel cleaning should definitely become a part of your regular cleaning routine.

Manufacturers recommend regular cleaning for solar panels as well, and we are pros at handling solar panel cleaning that is in keeping with the manufacturer recommendations.

before Cleaning


After Cleaning


Why you should get Reach ‘N’ Clean to help you with your solar panel cleaning


Safety first! Solar panels are normally located in high locations to get the most sunlight, which can pose dangers for whoever is doing the cleaning. Our team are trained to work at height safely and effectively. We will assess every job and use appropriate safety and height restraint gear.

Although most solar panels are often described as ‘self-cleaning’, they normally develop thin layers of dirt and grime on their surfaces, which, in some cases, might be not enough for rainwater or a light rinse to wash away. To remove all of the dirt and grime takes a meticulous approach to keep the panels in top condition. We have the training and expertise needed to do the job right.

Although solar panels are very robust and designed to withstand many different weather conditions, they can be relatively easy to scratch or mark. At Reach ‘N’ Clean, we have specialist cleaning equipment and years of experience to ensure your solar panels are performing their best. We are fully insured to clean your solar panels and so you can feel confident and secure when you hire us.

Don’t let your investment go to waste, make sure your solar panels are generating the most power they can! Call us today and we will come out and offer you a free estimate on the cost of solar panel cleaning for your home or business.